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Prospective Clients


We focus on building relationships with our clients. Our goal is to connect our clients with talent on a full-time or temporary basis. We are not in the business to make just one deal…we are dedicated to providing you with professionals with skills well-matched with your company.  We want to help you with ALL your staffing needs.  Clients quickly understand through working with us that we are thorough in our screening process, ethical in our negotiating and always have the client and candidates’ best interest in mind.  We are more than a staffing company in that our stock in trade is our integrity and reputation.

We staff at all levels from receptionists and executive assistants on up to accounting, HR, IT and admin on up to C-suite for any business. We have clients in the legal, finance, entertainment, real estate and technology industries.




Hire Options’ temporary division helps connect client firms and corporations with sharp, adaptable candidates who are ready to fill short-term administrative and legal support roles at a moment’s notice.

Need to hire a temporary employee?  Please reach out to Recruitment Managers, Christine Morrison or Christy Kwon Kreisberg.